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Objective-PHP is a port of the Objective-C (or Objective-J runtime to PHP. This adds the language features of Objective-C nestled nicely inside the syntax of Objective-C. Moka is a port of the Apple Cocoa Frameworks (or Cappuccino).


As of version : Beta 1

Objective-PHP (the parser/runtime)

The parser is relatively robust. However it still lacks certain features see the Roadmap for more on what is planned when.

The runtime is also relatively stable, but is subject to some changes.

This is a list of language features supported/in development/not supported by Objective-PHP.



Not Yet Implemented

Moka (the framework)

Is in early days. The ported elements are from Foundation.

See Moka for details.

However I will now work alot on this to try get much more of Foundation ported.


Currently lacking support for applications that do dynamic imports (imports that are resolved at runtime).

The compiler also lacks any optimisation (like removal of methods that are never used). However this is planned.

Document status: INCOMPLETE for current version.