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Objective-PHP is a port of the Objective-C (or Objective-J runtime to PHP. This adds the language features of Objective-C nestled nicely inside the syntax of Objective-C. Moka is a port of the Apple Cocoa Frameworks (or Cappuccino).


Importing can be at preprocess time or at runtime.

To import code at preprocess time (and when compiling these files are automatically included into the build):

@import <file path in framework folders>


@import "file path relative to current locaiton"

Note: the lack of semicolon on the end of the line.

You can import code at runtime too. This is done by:

@import $variable

Where $variable is a string of a file path. Note Well: at the moment the file path is always relative to the current location (or absolute if given as an absolute path).

For Beta 1:

Compiling with runtime imports is NOT supported.

Document status: COMPLETE for current version.